Up, Up and Away…

Recently, I have started to dig down inside myself and search for things. Whether it be a new attitude, or a new idea, or even a new catch phrase…One thing I have found is a new appreciation for things I have in life, instead of the things I do NOT have. Sometimes a good push in the right direction is all we need. Never have I felt as stuck in the mud, or helpless as I did…and now, I’m out…ready to take on the world.

In the process of digging, an idea has come up, and I have the motivation to at least try it and see where it takes me. Now, I have never really considered myself to be a business man. I am blue collar, I work…But I have decided that if anyone else can make a potential business investment and watch it succeed, why can’t I? So I have done some research, and plan on talking to a few people in order to get a better idea about this business…I can’t tell you what it is, haha…simply because I don’t need any more competition than I already have. No offense…

As for my home life, I am in a much better place. Things are going better than I could have imagined. This seems to be the perfect recipe for success… So, I am taking all the steps needed in making this life the “Gourmet Dinner” it deserves to be…it helps a lot that the dessert looks so good too…

Until next time…



~ by newjeff on March 8, 2010.

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