First blog, Second step…

Good morning…

well, it may be morning to you, but I have not slept. I decided it would be a healthy idea to create this. There is nothing more helpful than expressing whats inside, and possibly getting feedback. I mean, that’s why we talk to others right? For advice? or at least the thought of getting advice in return…

Since the early hours of today, I have been searching and reading about self-help. I start seeing a therapist on Monday and I would really like to try and figure out a plan for myself with the help of my doctor. A lot of what I have found so far has really gotten some points across to me. Topics ranging from Relationships/Dating, Where is God in my time of suffering?, First-Aid of myself, Behavior’s, thoughts and feelings and how to modify and change or eliminate the negative ones, The Phobia Delete Procedure which will allow me to possibly overcome some, if not all of my fears.

I am going to be trying a technique called the “Mental Gopher”, which sounds like a great idea. It dives into your unconscious when you request, and later on, depending on your relationship with your “Gopher” it will bring out the information to your conscious…Almost like when your are trying to think about something, but can’t recall, and then when you aren’t thinking about it anymore, All of a sudden it hits you…Well that’s the Mental Gopher. I’m gonna try it and see how it goes.

Maybe all of this is will really do something for me. Though not only for me, but for the people I love also. Now is the time that I am going to take the much needed steps into recovery from the negativity and behavioral issues I have been cursed with. I will not allow my demons to destroy one single relationship more…I am just hoping that with my efforts in this, I may be able to salvage a damaged one…who knows. But either way, I will progress, I will learn, and I will love…




~ by newjeff on February 27, 2010.

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